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A Step-by-Step Journey from Zero to a Million

Unlocking the Secrets to 7-Figure Success

No matter where you are in your journey, Million Dollar Health Coach takes you from zero to one, all the way to a million dollars a year.  Step inside the minds of the most successful coaches in the industry to discover what pieces you are missing to build a business you love.

About the Author

Omar Cumberbatch

After interviewing hundreds of successful health coaches and entrepreneurs on his top rated podcast “Health Coach Academy”, Omar decided to compile the stories of the best of the best to create Million Dollar Health Coach.

In his desire to help health coaches build a successful business, Omar takes you on a journey that helps you go from zero to a million dollars a year.  Loaded with useful tips and advice, Million Dollar Health Coach is the missing link you need to grow your health coaching business.

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Who is this book for...

Health Coaches that Want to Make a Difference

There are so many health coaches that want to make a difference, but do not know how to grow their business.  This book will help you discover the path to build a business that creates the impact you want to create.  This book addresses the health coaches who:

Struggling to Find Clients

If you're having trouble attracting and retaining clients, this book offers effective marketing and client acquisition strategies to help you build a strong client base.

Defining Your Niche

If you're uncertain about your specific area of expertise, this book will help you identify and dominate your niche, making it easier to attract the right clients.

Navigating Marketing and Branding

For those who find it difficult to market their services and establish a compelling personal brand, we provide guidance on creating successful marketing campaigns and building a recognizable brand.

Building Credibility and Be Seen as an Expert

Ditch Imposter Syndrome and establish trust and credibility in the industry! This book teaches you how to build a solid reputation through tried and true strategies that get you to stand out in a saturated market.


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